All You Need to Know About MyVanilla Prepaid Card

MyVanilla Prepaid Card is a convenient, secure, and feasible method to keep track of your money. With MyVanilla Debit Card, the customers don’t need to worry about credit checks or heaps of paperwork, since it is not a credit card. You can register for MyVanilla Prepaid Card even without a bank account!

Where can you use your MyVanilla Prepaid Card, you ask? Any establishment that accepts a Visa Debit Card or a Debit MasterCard, also accepts MyVanilla Prepaid Card.

How to Activate MyVanilla Debit/Prepaid Card

If you have already purchased a starter card, all you need to do is register it. Register your MyVanilla Prepaid Card here. Find a retailer near you to get your MyVanilla Card. Your personalized MyVanilla Card can be activated by simply signing-in to MyVanilla account. Sign-in here. After activating your MyVanilla Card account, the starter card can be used at numerous locations till the time your personalized permanent MyVanilla Card is handed to you.

Why Choose MyVanilla Card?

MyVanilla Prepaid Card lets you flexibly utilize your money, across multiple locations in the world, while keeping your account safe. Your account is at your fingertips and is easily accessible, anytime. Demystify money management through MyVanilla Card by tracking and monitoring your expenses.


MyVanilla Offers:

●      Depositing Directly to Account
●      Vanilla Reload Lets You Add Money
●      Adding Money Through Walmart Rapid Reload
●      Direct Transfer From Card-to-Card
●      Updates About Your Account
●      Your Account at Your Fingertips Through Mobile App


Partial Listing of Fees

Fee Name Description
Monthly Fee None
Signature Purchase Transaction Fee and PIN Debit Purchase Transaction Fee $ 0.95 per transaction
ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee (Domestic) $ 1.95
Dormancy Fee $ 3.95 per transaction 

Dormancy fee is applied if your MyVanilla Card of the account associated with does not show any activity (such as purchase transactions, withdrawals, adding funds, or balance inquiries) for a period of 90 days.

Direct Deposit None
Reloading at Vanilla Reload Retailer Up to $ 3.95 per reload transaction

My Vanilla Card – Free Direct Deposit Facility

With MyVanilla Card you can:

  • Seamlessly load your payroll, government benefits, or tax returns directly to your card.
  • Skip the long queues on payday and fees for check-cashing.
  • Access your funds faster as they are already deposited in the account linked to your MyVanilla card, thereby saving your invaluable time.

How to Add Funds to MyVanilla Card

To add funds to your MyVanilla Card either of the following two options can be followed:

  • VanillaDirect Load: With multiple locations nationwide, add cash to your card without any worries and quickly, through VanillaDirect Load. Find a retailer near you here or visit to find other locations that can facilitate the process. You can even load Vanilla Gift card from here.
  • Walmart Rapid Reload: To provide our customers with an easy and efficient method of adding cash to their MyVanilla Card, we have paired up with Walmart. Turn up at the register at participating locations to top-up your card with a swipe.

MyVanilla ATM Access

  • Get access to your funds at numerous ATMs around the globe.
  • No surcharge fee on any MoneyPass Network ATM.
  • With MyVanilla Card your cash is at your fingertips.

Download MyVanilla Mobile App

  • Managing money on the move is easier with MyVanilla mobile app that is free.
  • Mobile App lets you check card balance, keep track of transactions, and pinpoint Vanilla Reload centers.
  • A few swipes can help you access your account speedily and conveniently.

My Vanilla Mobile Wallet

  • Synchronize your smartwatch, tablet, or smartphone with your MyVanilla Prepaid Card through the mobile wallet app and complete payments with any device.
  • MyVanilla Card Mobile wallet ensures that your purchases remain secure, be it in a store, online, or in apps.
  • The mobile wallet makes your payments not just secure but speedy as well.

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